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Name:Mr. Robert Leroi [Owner/Entrepreneur]
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Robert Leroi at Bandung
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Robert Leroi at Bandung
Fax Number:Fax number of Mr. Robert Leroi at Bandung
Address:E-mail : chynp.indo@gmail.com
Bandung 40215, Jawa Barat
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Registration Date:Dec. 17, 2008
Last Updated:Oct. 29, 2013
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Industrial Supplies category

Company Brief

We produce high quality of Plastic HDPE hand gloves, used for :
- salon ( Hair coloring )
- kitchen
- restaurant
- house cleaning
- Bread making

HDPE hand gloves used to keep our hand clean and healty.

Specification :
- Original HDPE Material ( more hygienic)
- Thickness : 17 micron
- Embossed

Contact us :

+ 62 815 7385 7250
- we hear, we care, we love; we grow because our customer' s love...

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